Foreign Training as it Impacts Patient Outcomes in the US

Foreign trained doctors make up 20% of the doctors in America and 30% of the family physicians.  Comparisons of patient outcomes between the groups is discussed in the article “When the Doctor Doesn’t Look Like You”. “Studies initially revealed that international graduates tended to score lower, while more recent research shows that they routinely outperform their peers on training exams in areas like internal medicine.” Recent data has also looked at patient outcomes between FTPs and US citizens who studied abroad. “Dividing the international medical graduates into those who were foreign-born and those who were American citizens who chose to study abroad, the researchers discovered that patients of foreign-born primary care physicians fared significantly better than patients of American primary care doctors who received their medical degrees either here or abroad.” The gist of the article was that board certification and continued medical eduction was the important indicator for patient well treatment, and did not, in fact, correlate with either foreign or US training of the doctors.

When the Doctor Doesn’t Look Like You.


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