IIMG House and Senate Bills Introduced to MN Legislature

Bills have been introduced into MN House (#1277) and Senate (#1049) to aid Immigrant International Medical Graduates (IIMGs). They both have Republican and DFL sponsors and are labeled bipartisan. The work before us now is to keep calling out legislators to support these bills and appear before the legislature when they come to conference and a vote. This is a most exciting and hopeful time.

Full Text:  https://www.revisor.mn.gov/bills/text.php?number=HF1277&version=0&session=ls89&session_year=2015&session_number=0

Senate Bill #1049:

Bill Title: International medical graduates council creation and appropriation

Creating and providing for the council on international medical graduates toaddress barriers to practice and facilitate pathways to assist immigrantinternational medical graduates to integrate into the state health care deliverysystem; appropriating money to the commissioner of health (MDH.


Name Type
Senator Jeff Hayden [D] Primary
Senator John Marty [D] Cosponsor
Senator Greg Clausen [D] Cosponsor
Senator Sandra Pappas [D]

House Bill # 1277

Bill Title: Council on International Medical Graduates created, and money appropriated.

Representative Glenn Gruenhagen [R] Primary
Representative Rena Moran [D] Cosponsor
Representative Joe Schomacker [R] Cosponsor
Representative Bud Nornes [R] Cosponsor
Representative Diane Loeffler [D] Cosponsor
Representative Sandra Masin [D] Cosponsor

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