IIMG Bill passes first two Committes; To be heard by House an Senate Finance Committees

The IIMG Bill, noted in the previous post has navigated the Health and Human Resources Committees and the Operations Committees in both the MN House and the Senate. They were not contested and have remained intact. Within the next two weeks they will be heard by the Finance Committees, at which time funding will be allocated (or not) and they will then proceed to the Governor’s office for signature. This is a critical time. The Legislative Houses are very busy and funding is tight. Please write to members of the committees. Form letters for you to use or modify, or change to your liking are given here, as are the committee members. Remember, family and community members are encouraged to write. If a Committee Member is from your district, please let them know you are a constituent. Thank you.

Letter to Finance Committe – Senate


Letter to Finance Committee – Leg



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