IIMG Bill Passes both MN House and Senate 4-14-2015

On April 14, 2015, the Immigrant International Medical Graduate Bills passed in the MN Senate today. Senate bill #1049 was passed by the Finance Committee without objection. Legislative House Bill #1277 passed last week also  without opposition. Now these will be put into Senate and House Health Omnibus Bills within which they will be assigned dollars – or not. There are not enough words to thank Yende Anderson, JD, Executive Director of NAAD, Mark Schoenbaum, MN Department of Rural Health, and Jim Aberler, MN Legislative Consultant and former Legislator for their tireless and time intensive work to bring these bills into the legislature and through the committees. Those of us who could attend these meetings can attest to their efforts. Many thanks also to Edwin Bogonko, MD, Darcy Dungan-Seaver, MDH, and Mimi Oo and all the others who wrote documents and testified. This is the culmination of ten years work by AAFACD founder, Dr. Wilhelmina Holder, NAAD and WISE.


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