Please send a resume and proposal to the program coordinator, Dr. Mimi Oo. She will be able to answer any questions regarding volunteering at NAAD.

Mimi OO, Program Coordinator





Document management volunteer
Foreign Trained Health Professional Database- NAAD is updating their electronic files of their participants. The staff needs help to cross reference the existing paper files with the electronic file database.  There are about 250 participants in the electronic database. Hours: 5-10 hours/week until project is over.  Skills: moderate computer skills, including Excel and Access.

Volunteer Research Assistant
Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative- NAAD is conducting a study to show to the Minnesota Department of Health the value of employing the foreign trained health professionals. Currently (August, 2015) there is a Minnesota Task Force on developing a plan to utilize foreign trained physician and finding ways to streamline their paths as they work toward residencies and licensure.

Volunteer Historian

Volunteer is responsible to coordinate with communications and web site designer on a regular basis (monthly then progress to quarterly basis) to update the NAAD website and Facebook page. The volunteer will work with program coordinator to write summaries of NAAD events to feature on the NAAD website.

Volunteer Administrative Assistant
Volunteer will gain familiarity with office work through standardizing participant files as well as completing other administrative and office duties. Hours: flexible

Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer creates volunteer positions, creates a work plan, coordinates projects between staff and volunteers, provides training to volunteers, manages volunteers and evaluates current volunteer program for improvement. Hours: Flexible (5-10 hours per week)